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streetwalking kreuzberg . berlin . O318

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schloßbrücke bridge berlin

art and books everywhere!

largest bookstore in berlin . amazing . dussman kulturkaufhaus

antje's new book was there, too! so groovy!

i love the tv tower

wir treffen uns auf der weltzeituhr, immer wieder...


the neighborhood bookshop

our temporary home

on the road to the wagenburg

one minute disco party

groovy görlitzer park pit stop . das edelweiss

capitalism . pig system

ok, street art fans... here we go!

can you solve the code?

cat? owl? pompeii!


i am grateful to fate for three gifts: to have been born a woman,
from the working class and in an oppressed nation.
And the turbid azure of being three times a rebel. - maria merce marcal

ich liebe mein leben, zusammen mit meiner frau 💘

 legal? illegal? who cares.

still love the tv tower


i love this colorful city
check out the photos from my first deutschland adventure, 
including 3 days in berlin here...